Saturday, May 9, 2009

I promised videos...

Here are some videos I promised I would post.

The first one is at the beach on her birthday; it is what she did most of the time we were there. In the second one, she is playing with one of her toys she got for her birthday... she figured it out pretty fast, and gets upset when it falls over.

This pictures depicts Brooklyn's new and now preferred bedtime routine... falling asleep in Daddy's lap while reading books or watching TV. It's not the best of habits, but Matt REALLY enjoys it. :)

Brooklyn also had her 12 month check up with her doctor (it was actually almost 2 weeks ago), but she weighed in at a "whopping" 18 lbs 6 oz. She's still got a ways to go before she can sit forward in the car (which I know she is looking forward to). She was 28 3/4 inches long, too. The doctor is again slightly concerned about her weight and will continue to have weight checks. The doctor also made me aware, again, of Brooklyn's heart mumur, which the doc still believes is just a "Still's" murmur (common and not serious at all). Other than all that, she got a big check-mark next to healthy 12-month old. She got her shots, and took it like a champ.

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The Ollila's said...

I have been waiting for these videos and pics. It's about time!!
How could Matt not enjoy that sweet thing falling asleep in his arms. She is just too sweet. And, Matt you look handsome as ever. Has fatherhood brought any gray hairs to your head yet?

Love you guys and we miss you tons.