Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thanks Michelle!

Michelle, my sister, made some beautiful bows for Brooklyn and sent them to us. (Thanks Michelle!!) They are so dang cute! She also sent us a box full of clothes for 12 month olds, which was greatly needed. (Thanks again, Michelle!) Brooklyn just loves all her new clothes! Here are some pics of just a couple of the new clothes she got and of the bows Michelle made.

She did have one of Michelle's bows on with this outfit, which matched just perfectly... but she's finicky about when and where she will wear a bow. This was the Easter basket one of her Grandma's sent her this week. She gets the idea of putting the Easter eggs she finds on the ground in the basket, but she just dumps it all out after just a few and starts all over again... we'll need to work on that before Sunday. :)

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Screwed Up Texan said...

Adorable photos Vanessa! I like the headband with the big white flower the best!