Sunday, April 12, 2009


First of all, I started a new tradition for Easter this year... homemade sticky cinnabuns for breakfast! That's right, I made sticky buns from scratch, and they were sinfully delicious. We also enjoyed our first Easter with Brooklyn, and since she is walking now, we absolutely had to have our own little Easter egg "hunt" in our yard. Here is the video of her walking around "hunting" for her eggs with her little Easter basket that her G-ma sent her from Texas. It's a little long, but I know a few of you will enjoy it all.

Afterwards, I helped her open her eggs to find her little snacks.

One of those snacks was pink peeps. She really liked it!

The flower I got her for Easter. It is going to be a tradition of mine to give her a flower on Easter.


The Ollila's said...

That is just too sweet. It is crazy seeing her walk around. It looks like she had a fun Easter, but I bet daddy ate all your candy, huh Brooklyn?

Dan and Tiffany said...

Brooklyn looks so adorable "hunting" for easter eggs! My favorite was when she had 2 eggs in her hand as she tried to figure out how to pick up the 3rd egg. I wish Kaili's cousin lived closer so they could play together.

The Fisher Family said...

What a cutie. She is really growing up. Sounds like I need a certain sticky bun recipe!!!