Monday, July 14, 2008

It happens to everyone??

Yesterday I was attempting to take a picture of Brooklyn's eyebrows that were finally growing in and I dropped the camera right on her head (darn butter-fingers). She cried a cry that I've only heard when she was getting her shots. I cried, too... mainly because of the guilt. She was fine, but man did I feel bad for hurting my little baby girl. Then I remembered that I had read and/or heard that it happens all the time and to all babies, and that it usually isn't a result of negligence. I believe it now. I am glad it happens to everyone; otherwise, I would not have been able to forgive myself.


Allie Van Wagoner said...

Hey, I used to think the same thing about babies hitting their heads. I too thought that if a baby hit its head then it was negligence on the parents part. I dont recall any of my babies hitting there heads (or at least I dont want to recall it), however when we first moved into our new home almost two years ago, my one year old fell down our stairs TWICE and hit his head on the ceramic tiles below. This was AFTER I put in a heavy duty baby gate and child-proofed the stairs. Ryan had decided that child-proofing wasn't for him and climbed over the gate (hey, this kid couldnt even stand or walk at that moment!). We laugh about it now, but it was really hard to laugh about it then. I remember how scared I was and fortunately he was not hurt.

Do one-year-olds count as babies? :)

VirtualM said...

Yeah, it happens. We still bonk Frankie's head sometimes trying to get him down into the car into his car seat (we have a sedan, no mini van for us, at least not yet!) He's fine, too. I work at preschool sometimes and when the little kids come in with bumps and bruises, it's because it happens. Don't beat yourself up over it - as long as she knows that her Mom loves her, that's what matters.

Don and Judy said...

I had to laugh because it was so unlike you. You are so careful and protective. I bet you cried more than Brooklyn did! One thing that little girl will never doubt is that he mommy and daddy love her. Sorry for the tramatic experience!
Yhanks for the Grandma pictures. Adorable!

Cris, Jon, Austin and Ethan said...

Oh man Vanessa, are you serious? if you cried over that i'm not sure I should tell you the things i've put my children! Your family is so cute! your little baby brooke is a doll. Can yo believe how fast they grow? their look changes sooo much in the very beginning....thank goodness! say hi to matt. and Dan to, tell him he needs a blog!

The Ollila's said...

I could spend hours telling you stories of how I have hurt my kids. The funniest one is when Jonathan was just over a year and we were walking to the car. I was holding his hand and guiding him. Well... I guided him right smack into the car. I felt so bad!!! Unfortunately, it is never ending. It was the first time, but most likely not the last. Thank goodness they don't remember things when they are this little.
See ya in a couple weeks.

Borton Family said...

It has happened in this family so much that I had to tell myself that it makes them stronger. I think your little girl is so sweet! Being a parent is all about trail and error. We learn as go.

the other V!!