Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Festival 2013

A local church held an Easter Egg Drop / Festival not far from home, so of course we attended. They had helicopter rides, too... which next year we will have to be there early enough to do. Just before the egg hunt, the helicopters came and dropped a bunch of eggs. It was loud and windy, but the kiddos loved it. Afterwards, we ate lunch, danced a little, played in the many jump castles, visited the mini petting zoo, and then rode a pony. Loads of fun, even despite the short rain shower. And Alayna again enjoyed sleeping and watching momma from her stroller. :)

A little dancin'

Enjoying the bounce houses... but not enjoying the wait in line for her turn. 
Even Josh did the obstacle course bounce house... all by himself. (although it did take a while) 

The little petting zoo with Josh's favorite animal.

Oh my... it's PINK!

One of Brooklyn's favorite things to do... ride a pony! 
Surprisingly, Josh had no fear and was super excited to ride the pony... never looked back at momma. 

Got a little tired at the end and begged Daddy to carry them to the car. Luckily, Daddy is super strong. :) 

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