Friday, April 29, 2011

Under construction

We have been updating our floors in our house these past few weeks. We started with the kitchen by installing tile over our existing laminate flooring. It is a dark tile, but with all the light that comes in, it looks AWESOME!

Then we moved on to the main room floor. It was intially carpet, but with two littles, it just had to go. So we initially decided to go with the cheaper choice and just extend the existing wood flooring from the hallway into the main/living room. But, after the installer got started, he realized that weaving the new floor into the existing floor was not an option. But, because he had already began sawing into the existing floor in the hallway, there was no going back.
Soooooooo, after some negotiating and a little bit of complaining to the company we used, we decided to just replace ALL the flooring in the hallways, entryway and main/living room with a darker (and more attractive) wood flooring. I was happy to finally have this project finished. I was really tired of walking around on exposed slab and splintered wood flooring. Doesn't it look great?!


Screwed Up Texan said...

Love it!

Don and Judy said...

It is so beautiful!! I love the darker color. Very, very nice. And the tile is beautiful also. I know you are so glad to have it done.

Jenni said...

It looks very nice.

The Amazing Mundts said...

Your house is gorgeous! Love the floor and tile. Wood is cleaner than carpet. Gotta love the Swiffer Sweeper.