Thursday, September 9, 2010

What's been going on...

It's been a while, I know, but I have not had a computer till now. So here's the latest...

We had a fun trip to Texas. We drove the whole trip stopping in Huntsville, AL to visit Matt's parents both on our way to Texas and back. We visited a whole lot of cousins, and Brooklyn even got to attend her very first Birthday party for her cousin Alysa. We also rode a train, visited the children's science museum, and did a LOT of swimming. It was a long trip, but not long enough - we wish we could have spent even more time with everyone.

Brooklyn playing with cousins (Camilla and Brynn)
... and more cousins (Madelyn, Caitlyn, Jackson)
Riding on the TRE train. She was pretty excited riding a real train.
Alysa's Birthday party. My sister Michelle "threw the cake together". Her words, not mine. :)
This girl enjoyed every minute we went swimming.

When we got back, Brooklyn was pretty sick with the runs and some vomitting. She lost 5 lbs (which is a lot for a tiny toddler like her) and was listless at the end of the week. She never got too dehydrated, so we never had to take her to the hospital, thank goodness. But we did get to watch a LOT of movies, as she did not feel like doing much that whole week.

Maybe this is how she got sick in the first place...
This is all she ate... all she wanted to eat... for 5 days. And, this was her face for a whole week... sad, I know.
After Brooklyn got better, she caught a little cold. She easily fought that off, but gave it to Josh in the process. Josh did not put up a very good fight, and we ended up having to call the paramedics one night and then take him to the doctor for breathing treatments and steroids. He is now much better and we are very thankful for that.
This was taken after he started feeling much better.

Matt has now left us for the next four weeks for some training in Seattle. He actually left yesterday, and even Brooklyn cried. She finally understood that Daddy was at work far, far away and for a very long time. She cried with me on the way home from the airport. Josh hasn't seemed to notice much of a difference. In fact, he slept better last night than he ever has before. Coincidence? Probably. :) We miss you tons, Matt/Daddy!


The Ollila's said...

Oh, how I miss those babies. They are the cutest!!!
Good luck being a single mom. I hope the time goes by quickly for you. And, I am glad the sicknesses happened when Matt was home. That would of been scary having Josh so sick and you being all by yourself.
Good luck...we love you!!

Jenni said...

I hope every one is healthy and the time goes by quickly while Matt is gone.