Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Brooklyn, the Robot

Brooklyn is a HUGE fan of Curious George, and we have several episodes of the TV show on DVD, one of which is called, Robot Monkey Hullabaloo (or as Brooklyn calls it, George and the Robot). She requests to watch that episode by name EVERY DAY. So, knowing how much she loves that episode, Matt and I thought she would like to dress up like a robot just like George did in that episode. So, we let Brooklyn decorate a box (basically she just colored the inside of the box with her crayons) and cut out some holes for her head and arms. Then we put a silver bowl on her head. Doesn't she make a very cute robot??!

PS. I am very grateful for boxes and that our diapers always come in boxes. :)

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Don and Judy said...

Looks like he is growing and gaining. I love the one with him sleeping with his hand on his full tummy. The Pics are adorable of Brooklyn and Josh....and mom and dad too. Is everyone well? What did you guys do for memorial day?