Sunday, February 14, 2010

Can't ask for a better update...

After a quick and natural delivery, I recovered just as fast. I was up walking around within minutes after delivery and was feeling so good the next day that the doctor agreed to ignore their 48 hours after birth discharge rule and let me go home less than 24 hours after little Joshua arrived (she also didn't want to keep me from seeing my son any longer than necessary). So, I am now home... well, more like in between places - Joshua's hospital and home. I am in no pain, but I do feel a little weak and sore (like I just finished a marathon or something), and I am still trying to recover from a pretty bad cough and cold and hope to be well enough to hold Joshua whenever he is ready to be held.

Joshua is doing as well as a preemie ever could. He is so strong and we are so proud of how well he is doing. Since he was only 30 weeks, and there were some complications with the delivery (an abruption), the hospital we delivered at could not give him the total care he needed, so they did transfer him to a hospital that has a NNICU. He has been doing so well in this NNICU that they have already removed all assisted breathing and he is breathing completely on his own, now. He was a little jaundice yesterday and they were planning to treat him with light therapy late today or tomorrow, but his levels today turned out normal. He's even had two poopies (which may explain why his BR levels went down)! He has lost some weight (which is still normal) and he now weighs 3 lbs 5 oz. But, while he is not the biggest preemie there in the NNICU, they say is he definitely the biggest 30 week old preemie they've got. Also, we found out how long he measures in at: 15 inches! We are very proud of him and his accomplishments thus far and are very optimistic for the future.

Here are some pictures of Joshua that I took last night in his new little home. Since these pictures were taken, the breathing apparatus on/in his nose has been removed.

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The Ollila's said...

I see features on him that look like Matt. How exciting and fun and wonderful!!! He is sooo adorable!!! You guys have no idea how much this is killing me not being close (or maybe you have an idea since I call so much - and I am actually holding back on the phone calls so as not to be annoying)
How fun for Brooklyn to get to play in the snow. How the heck did you build a snowman with NO gloves? I couldn't handle being that cold. way to go grandma and grandpa. I guess they are the pros at the snow thing.
We love and miss you all tons!!! Keep the updates coming.