Sunday, December 20, 2009

Matt's Birthday

Happy Birthday Matt!

Today was Matt's 30th Birthday, and after a Cowboys win over the Saints last night, nothing could possibly make this day any better... or so he thought. :)

It started out with Brooklyn saying, "Happy Birthday Dad!" ...and quite audible, too (we practiced for the last 3 days). Then we found out, much to Matt's approval and delight, how much of a football fan Brooklyn really is (see video below). His cake was a homemade ice cream cake and it turned out really yummy, but the 30 candles became a real fire hazard before the end of the song, Happy Birthday (see photo below). Overall, it was a GREAT day for Matt and our little family.

You can see the fire starting to spread to the cake! Yikes! Hurry up and blow them out - but not until I am done singing. :)
Little did Matt know, his candles were trick candles and it took some mighty wind to blow them all out - which ended up making quite the mess of ash and wax all over the table - but very entertaining to watch. :)

Notice Brooklyn's awesome hair, despite my several attempts throughout the day to tame it. :)
This is a random picture of Daddy reading books with Brooklyn before bed. Lately, Brooklyn has really enjoyed this part of her bedtime routine (although her face doesn't show it). I guess she's just trying really hard to figure out 'how much I love you'.
Up to the moon and back, sweatheart... the moon and back. :)


The Ollila's said...

That picture of Matt blowing out the candles is great. And I love "more football". She is so dang cute!! Yummalicious.

Jenni said...

How fun. We were very pleasantly surprised by that Cowboy win.

Tiffany said...

It's okay Matt...Vanessa may say that they were trick candles, but you'll soon realize that you're just getting old!