Monday, July 27, 2009

'Family Day' at Daddy's work

This past weekend, Matt's work had a sort of "family day" at the facility (which is normally secured for employees only). We were able to finally see where he works and what he does. They had free health screenings, fun games, and lunch. We were able to meet some of his co-workers and their families, too. They even had a live band, to which Brooklyn enjoyed some dancing - it was so dang cute!

In the end, I was just glad to get some hard proof that Matt wasn't just working some corner after he left every morning. ;P


Don and Judy said...

How fun! Any changes at work since boeing took over? They had big lay offs here with boeing. Several of our friends got their pink slips.
I love Brooklyns yellow dress-she looks very cute!Did you get lunch or anything?

The Ollila's said...

I always love seeing where Patrick works. I like to visualize where he is when I talk to him on the phone. Is that weird???

We miss you guys. Hopefully we will see you in a few months.