Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Toy

Brooklyn and I have made a couple of new friends in the neighborhood this past week on our daily walks. One of her new friends is less than one month older than her and they play together often, and getting to know this other baby and his momma has made me realize that Brooklyn does not have very many toys at all. So, I went out and bought her a new toy. She absolutely loves it, too! She played with it all night after Daddy put it together and it was the first thing she played with this morning. Who knew toys would be so much fun!?



Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

That is funny because I realized that once with Rocklin too - that he didn't hardly have any toys - and so ironically enough, I went out and bought him the exact same toy you bought Brooklyn! He loves it too. That was a cute video - and she's walking now...how exciting!!

Borton Family said...

My boys loved that toy. I love that it has lots of pink on it. Enjoy that they dont have a lot of toys. As they get older it only gets worse. Congrats on the friends!!

The Amazing Mundts said...

She looks so grown up! My kids never really had a lot of toys either...but they really enjoy it when they get something new. We Miss You All!

Jason said...

what a happy girl. way to go momma!

(amber. not jason. just too tired to mess with changing the sign in!)