Saturday, February 21, 2009

Did I get it all??

Brooklyn likes her food so much that she will lick her plate/tray clean, just to make sure she got it all:

Brooklyn is almost 10 months old and eats at least 4 oz of fruit and oatmeal in the morning, 4 oz of veggie/meat for lunch, a generous sized snack, and finally 4 oz of veggies and 2 more oz of fruit for dinner; and sometimes she gets to eat some food off of our plates when we are eating dinner, too. So, how is it that she is underweight, you ask??? She's gotta have Matt's metabolism.


The Ollila's said...

That is so darn cute!!! It is nice to have your baby be such a good eater. Way to go Brooklyn.

The Ollila's said...

I know I already commented, but I keep coming back to watch this video. I just keep laughing over it. She is so funny!!!

The Ollila's said...
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