Tuesday, May 27, 2008

1 Month Old

Brooklyn is now 1 month old, and she still eats, sleeps and poops a lot! Some of you might be proud to know that she is sleeping 5-7 hours at night already... I know we are.

She also likes sitting and sleeping in her new vibrating bouncer.

She now somewhat enjoys her bathtime since she doesn't have to be sponge bathed anymore.

She doesn't like playing dress-up yet, even though mommy and daddy love it.


The Ollila's said...

Oh my!!! She is just perfect. I am so glad you put pictures on of her 1 month bday. I was ready to call and ask for some more pics. Keep 'em coming. See you soon!!


Shantel said...

She is so cute! Mom told me she was adorable... but come on... this is cute! I love that sad face. She's so big! I'm so happy for you guys!

Amber said...

I love that second pic of her in the vibrating chair...like she is in heaven!

Don and Judy said...

What a pretty little girl. Sweet, happy little family. So fun! We are so happy for you guys. She will soon love to change her clothes! Like Abygail, "by self"
Special time.....life at its best.

travelinsuzy said...

thank you! i can't believe brooklyn is a month old already! time flies, doesn't it (so much faster than that last trimester!)

Kristen said...

Hi! It's so great to hear from you! Brooklyn is darling. She is so tiny and beautiful, congratulations! Where are ya'll living these days?