Monday, December 10, 2007

Baby Girl for Christmas!

We went to the doctor today and had THE ultrasound. IT'S A GIRL! Matt was so excited he actually said, "YES!" when they told us. Everything looks very normal, so far. She even gave us a thumbs up! However, Baby Girl was not fully cooperating, so we had to poke at her and shake her around to get her to turn the right way. After 30 mintues of trying to get all the necessary images of her heart, they gave up and decided to try again in 4 more weeks. Of the pictures they got, everything looks almost perfect. They did find a little growth in her brain, which they said was just a cyst and would most likely either fade or just not be a problem. While Matt is fearing the worst, Vanessa is not concerned at all. We got lots of pictures and are posting the best ones.


The Ollila's said...

Congratulations guys. A little angel to call your own.
Oh how I wish we were closer. We can't wait for April to be here and be able to welcome Brooklyn to the world.

love ya lots

Don and Judy said...

Congratulations from Mom and Dad! It is hard not to cry at such exciting news!! Our prayers are with Brooklyn that the cyst will be nothing!! It is so amazing...just the depth of feeling at the anticipation of a new member to our family. The love that already exists. Inspiring... Matthew already protective, worried, and concerned for his little girl. Vanessa, filled with the great faith that comes to mothers. It is so beautiful! I Love it! Girls Rule!

Amber said...

YEA! we are so excited for your little family!